Oak hardwood flooring in St. PaulOak hardwood is one of the most classic and widely used flooring materials in the nation, and in the greater St. Paul area. If you have a home that is at least 50 years old, you may already have oak hardwood floors in some area of your home. This is because oak is a domestic species that is widely available, but also because it is affordable, durable, and versatile.

Though oak flooring may not be the most unique choice, it is certainly a reliable one. Our experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake can help you select an oak floor that’s perfect for your needs and style.

About Oak Flooring

Oak’s neutral tones make it a popular choice for wood flooring because it can be stained to a nearly limitless range of hues. You’ll often see red oak that is stained medium to dark brown in color, or white oak that is stained in a lighter hue. Both red and white oak rank high in the hardness scale, giving them added durability and resistance against scrapes and dents (white oak ranks slightly higher, just below cypress and bamboo). If you choose solid oak flooring, you’ll also be able to refinish your floors multiple times, extending their lifespan and beauty for decades.

If you love the appearance of hardwood oak flooring but not the cost or maintenance of a traditional hardwood floor, consider choosing laminate or engineered wood flooring in an oak grain. You won’t get the durability of solid hardwood oak, but you’ll still be able to choose from a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and widths.

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