Pine hardwood flooring in Vadnais HeightsIf you’re deciding what kind of hardwoods to install in your home or business, you’ll immediately be faced with countless choices. There are so many species to choose from that all vary in strength, quality, and character.

Each kind of hardwood also responds differently to stains and finishes, making it necessary for your ultimate choice to be carefully considered. Among the hardwoods you’ll come across while shopping are pine floors. What are the advantages and drawbacks of pine hardwood floors and are they right for your home in Vadnais Heights? The team at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake can help you decide!

Advantages of Pine

  • The majority of pine hardwoods are domestic to North America, which makes them more affordable than other exotic wood species.
  • The common pines that can be used as hardwood floors belong to the “hard pine” category. They generally have a light hue that can take on a variety of stains well.
  • The overall softness of pine hardwood flooring makes it easier to cut and work with, especially when it comes to fitting the floors in unevenly shaped spaces.
  • Pine offers an attractive variety of textures, hues, and grains to complement your interior.

Disadvantages of Pine

  • As with all hardwood floors, proper maintenance and upkeep are required to keep your pine floors for years to come. Frequent sweeping and dusting as well as periodic refinishing will extend the floor’s life to its maximum potential. Refinishing is a considerable investment that involves the cost of labor and materials.
  • The hardest pine flooring only scores at maximum between 690-870 on the Janka hardness scale, making the species more susceptible to damage and dents compared to harder floors like oak or hickory.
  • The general softness of pine floors make them better for low-traffic areas and are typically not the first choice for a busy place like an office or family room.

If you’re interested in seeing if pine floors are right for your home or business in Vadnais Heights, give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake is here to help with all your flooring needs!

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