Wide plank hardwood flooring in St. PaulIf you have decided that hardwood flooring is ideal for your home or business, then the next step is to decide on a type of wood and a plank size. One of the trends now is wide plank hardwood flooring. If you are looking to install hardwood floors in your St. Paul home or business, you may be interested in learning more about the advantages of wide plank styles. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake explains more about the advantages of wide plank flooring below!

Wide Planks Showcase the Grain of the Wood

One of the benefits associated with wide planks is that they showcase the grain of whatever hardwood you have chosen. The wider the plank is, the more detail that it will show. Every type of wood has its own distinct markings and characteristics. Using wide planks allows these unique characteristics to shine through and be on full display.

Wide Planks are Faster to Install

Another advantage of wide plank hardwood flooring is that the wide planks are faster to install. This is because wide planks cover more space then thinner planks, so it doesn’t take as many to cover your floor. So if you’re looking for a fast installation process, you may want to consider wide planks for that reason as well!

Wide Plank Flooring Makes a Space Feel Larger

With wide planks, you won’t have as many divisions and lines in the look of your floor. This can help to create the illusion of a larger, more open space. This is a great trick if you are installing new floors in a small space!

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