Teak hardwood flooring in White Bear LakeLike Brazilian cherry, teak is an exotic, imported hardwood that produces beautiful flooring. Because of its durability and water-resistance, teak wood is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses (such as decking). Teak flooring is also available in a range of rich, vibrant colors.

Are you interested in teak hardwood floors for your White Bear Lake home? Then read on to learn all about teak from the Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake experts:

All About Teak Flooring

  • Teak is a tropical species native to southeast Asia, but is now grown in Central and South America as well. It is a unique hardwood because it is inherently water-resistant, and its natural oils repel termites and other hazardous pests. Teak has been used in shipbuilding for hundreds of years because of these natural advantages.
  • Teak has a Janka hardness rating of 1000, meaning that it is somewhat resistant (but not impervious) to scratches and dents. If your teak floors do sustain damage, they can always be refinished.
  • Unlike most hardwoods, teak’s natural color can vary dramatically. Some teak planks may be yellowish-brown, while other will have a deep, reddish hue. However, teak wood tends to change color over time, eventually veering towards a medium golden brown with dark streaks. Teak’s natural oils also give the wood a muted luster.

Environmental Concerns

Deforestation is a common issue in tropical rainforest regions, like those where teak is grown. As a result, some species of teak have become endangered. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find teak hardwood that has been sustainably grown and harvested. When comparing teak hardwood flooring products, look for ones that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Another eco-friendly option is reclaimed teak flooring, which uses salvaged wood from old ships or decking.

If you’d like to learn more about teak, explore sustainable teak flooring, or get a project estimate, start by scheduling a free consultation with Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake!

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