The flooring is beautiful, exceeded my expectations.
Susan Hanstad
Quality product, superior installation, and professional follow up by ownership.
Susan McCool
better communication between departments and Installers work orders were missing parts
Vision Loss Resources (Mark Opalinski)
I havent heard back on how you are going to solve the lack of flooring under the stove, and the utility room. Also how you are going to replace my brand new stove that was dented during the process of installing the floor. PLUS THERE IS A CRACK IN THE GRUT AND THE TILE IS FLEXING/MOVING. What the heck is going on???? I wanted a company that would be more customer caring that Empire. Waiting to know how you are going to solve this problem. I would love to attach pictures of the new problem but it wont let me. Patricia Ellingson 7074 48th street North Oakdale mn 55128 651-208-3063
Patricia Ellingson
We have worked with Kyle who has been helpful, but at this point the carpet on both levels have unacceptable seams, so much so that what the first impression is, when you walk into an area, the seams are the first thing you see. There was a product failure in the first attempt to install, the carpet was so poorly made that the installers gave up, it was impossible to mate the pieces together. After waiting for other carpet to arrive, the end result is only marginally better since the seams still do not properly align. The house will not be available until May of 2019 to fix the problem, Kyle being aware of this. If this product cannot be installed because of the manufacturers problems with color match, design match etc., or if it is a problem with installation, I am open to suggestion as to how we can have floor covering that looks as though it belongs on site. Thank you for your concern.
Jim and Pat McGowan
Hard working. Did a great job. Got it done on time.
Gennifer and Patrick Tschida
Thanks for doing a very good job. Our neighbor Lady's Grand Daughter loves to lay on and roll, since it seems so soft.
Joyce and George Huard
They are on time. The staff is friendly. The workers know their craft. They make sure it is perfect. The material is excellent.
Roxane kavaloski 2
Did not clearly explain that 30 yr warranty would not cover any pet throw up, which was a problem cleaning in our last carpet. Also, did not offer nearly enuf options of burber-type carpet, which would be more “forgiving” of small spills, crumbs, etc. Lastly, it was not made clear that a 30 yr warranty only included replacement carpet, NOT the labor to re-install.
Mari and Craig Evans
I was not happy about the financing options. Your interest rates are way out of line. 10% interest when you are putting down almost 50% of the total is ridiculous. You can get 90 days 0% financing. Sounds ok until you look around and find that you can buy cars, furniture, appliances with 2, 3 and 4 years 0%. Fortunately, the quality of work was good. I guess I didn't realize that the work was going to be subbed out. I probably could have went to the company that completed the work and got a better price. It is too bad that the samples of stain they brought for us to pick from were not actually available when the workmen showed up. They dont even carry than brand of stain. I guess the old saying "live and learn" really is true.
Beth & Bill Brisch